About Melissa

My Story

I’m currently a student at Lambda School,
learning new code and new tech every day!

In 1996 I bought my first computer. I figured out how to go online and pretty soon I taught myself to write web pages in HTML, and make graphics for the websites in Paint Shop Pro. There began my 20+ year love of computers and technology.  It became the one constant in life, from building many hobby websites and learning the ins and outs of graphic design, to learning how to make graphics for The Sims (the first one!) and eventually skinning 3D meshes for video games that allowed custom content. Along the way I became very interested in video games like The Sims, Everquest, and World of Warcraft. In the early-2000s I started making custom skins and clothing in the virtual world, Second Life.

By this time I had graduated to Adobe Photoshop, a huge step up from PSP. HTML changed over the years with the implementation of cascading style sheets, into which I jumped with both feet. Somewhere along the way I learned how to build my own computers.  Also during this time, I’ve seen my two babies grow into adults. 

A few years ago, about 2016, I decided I wanted more out of life as I would soon be empty nesting. I started school at the College of Eastern Idaho in the computer networking program.  I loved it, but after a year I decided it wasn’t quite the right fit.  I earned an Intermediate Technical Certificate in that program, and switched over to the Web Development program. I feel that this is where I really hit my stride.  I was reintroduced to my old friends HTML and CSS, which have changed and improved immensely since I played with them last. I also learned Javascript, and this past semester I started burning through MySQL and also finally met the love of my life, Python.  Beause of its simplicity and its power, I’m completely smitten. 

I love learning new things and I feed my brain daily. But there is nothing like doing an actual thing to teach you in the best way. So hey, I’d like to work for you. Or with you. Or both.  I know my way around a lot of technologies that I haven’t even mentioned and I’m always more than pleased to take on new ones. I love making art and graphics, so maybe you need a logo or a whole branding package. I can do that, too. Send me an email and let’s begin our conversation.

picture of Melissa Kemp